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Tyson Flaharty does it again! 2014 Race Roster

2014 Race Video! Thanks to Matt Kinney

From Morgan O., the 2014 Tour Director

Hi 2014 Tour of Fairbanks & Sportif Riders!

Wow - that was one heck of an epic race and I am so grateful to have served as your 2014 Tour of Fairbanks Race Director. The opening night of the Tour on Thursday, June 5 was greeted with downpour rain conditions, low visibility and a huge puddle on the Parks Highway - all making the ever challenging Parks Highway Time Trial even more challenging. On Friday, June 6 the GC riders gathered at the North Pole Speedway for a Crit race that featured thrills, spills and even one bloody nose - everyone was safe though and had a great time. Next came the long day of racing on the 57 mile marker of the Steese highway on Saturday, June 7. The weather was perfect and we were graced with several amazing examples of human endurance and performance during both the Stage 3 Time Trial and the Stage 4 Road Race. Finally, Sunday, June 8 marked the final stage of the Tour - the Stage 5 Wickersham Dome Road Race followed by the Sportif Ride. The Stage 5 racers had perfect weather and relevantly uneventful rides - with the exception of the close moose encounter for the Masters Men & Women GC riders, but the shining stories of perseverance go to our Sportif Riders who braved rain, thunder, lightning, hurricane force winds, and hail. One Sportif rider from the LOL group even came back with welts from the hail! The tour concluded with the awards banquet at Silver Gulch where riders relaxed, shared stores, received their awards, won prizes and celebrated their accomplishments by sharing a meal and a beer. Make sure to check out the Fairbanks New Miner coverage of each race day ...

I'd like to thank all of our 2014 Volunteers. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to pull off such a great event. A special thanks to Bryant Wright for helping with the timing of the race for all 5 stages - what a champ!!

Also, I'd like to thank all of our 2014 Sponsors (http://tof.fairbankscycleclub.org/index.shtml) - next time you drop by their shops or see them around please say "thanks" for supporting the Tour. It is through their generosity that we were able to add so many nice features to the 2014 Tour and we'd be honored to have them back again for 2015. Finally, one last big thank you to the Fairbanks Cycle Club's dedicated volunteers and board for supporting the 2014 Tour and Sportif.

We are already gearing up for the 2015 Tour and would appreciate your feedback. Anything you think we did great, let us know ... that goes for the opposite too ... Anything you think we could have improved on, let us know. We look forward to growing the race in 2015 and your feedback is vital.

Until next year I look forward to seeing you out on the roads and trails. Remember, ride safe and keep smiling!

Thanks for an amazing 2014 Tour of Fairbanks Stage Race & Sportif,

Morgan Olszewski
2014 Tour of Fairbanks Race Director

We'd like to say THANK YOU to all our current 2014 Tour of Fairbanks Sponsors!  You make it possible for us to hold this race and we really appreciate your support.  Information on becoming a 2014 Tour of Fairbanks Sponsor can be found here.

Great news for out-of-town riders (and also for Fairbanks riders who want an "Olympic Village" feel during the race) -- we are partnering with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) to offer discounted lodging!! UAF is offering housing to all Tour of Fairbanks riders at discounted conference prices ranging from $37/night to $126/night. Rooms offered include the typical dorm with a shared shower and bathroom, suites with private bathrooms and shared showers, and apartments with private bathrooms and showers. Rooms range from single to quad occupancy.
To book online: visit www.uaf.edu/reslife/conference/, then click on "Recreational Activities" on the right/middle of the webpage. You will need to first register (create a log in) and then book a conference room under the "Individual Recreational 2014".

The Tour of Fairbanks is a four-day, five-stage road race, around the Fairbanks area.  The stages change from year to year, but we generally try to incorporate some hill climbing, time trials, criterium, and mass-start style road races.  Racers come from Alaska and the Yukon, generally.  Others come from further away.  Regardless of where you are, consider racing in this year's Tour of Fairbanks!

Stages for the June 5-8th, 2014 race:

June 5th -- Prologue Time Trial (Parks Hill Climb)
June 6th -- NP Speedway Criterium
June 7th -- Nome Creek Time Trial
June 7th -- Nome Creek Road Race
June 8th -- Globe Creek Road Race

Additional offerings in the 2014 race:
Sportif race for fans
What's a Sportif?
A Sportif (we've seen it spelled a few different ways, but we're feeling French) is a sport ride -- riding a long distance for the fun of it. Here's a better definition.  Here's our 2014 Sportif flyer, PDF format.
Fun race on the 8th after the start of Stage 5!

Triathlete Training Package
Triathletes: Get racing experience and training -- Stages 1 and 3, and the Sportif!

Entering in any Tour of Fairbanks stages or the Sportif gets you the delicious banquet following the final stage on Sunday at Silver Gulch Restaurant in Fox.

If this sounds good (which it does), go to the registration page and get started!