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Registration for the 2014 Tour of Fairbanks coming soon

We are pleased to announce the Tour of Fairbanks has a new race director, Morgan Olszewski.  She has experience in fundraising and event coordination, so expect a great race this year.

The Tour of Fairbanks is a four-day, five-stage road race, around the Fairbanks area.  The stages change from year to year, but we generally try to incorporate some hill climbing, time trials, criterium, and mass-start style road races.  Racers come from Alaska and the Yukon, generally.  Others come from further away.  Regardless of where you are, consider racing in this year's Tour of Fairbanks!

Tentative stages for the June 5-8th, 2014 race:

June 5th -- Prologue Time Trial (UAF Circuit or Parks Hill Climb)
June 6th -- NP Speedway Criterium
June 7th -- Nome Creek Time Trial
June 7th -- Nome Creek Road Race
June 8th -- Globe Creek Road Race

Additional offerings in the 2014 race:
Sportif race for fans
What's a Sportif?
A Sportif (we've seen it spelled a few different ways, but we're feeling French) is a sport ride -- riding a long distance for the fun of it. Here's a better definition.  Here's our 2014 Sportif flyer, PDF format.
Fun race on the 8th after the start of Stage 5!

Triathlete Training Package
Triathletes: Get racing experience and training -- Stages 1 and 3, and the Sportif!

Entering in any Tour of Fairbanks stages or the Sportif gets you the delicious banquet following the final stage on Sunday at Silver Gulch Restaurant in Fox.